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(Please note that all transactions will be cash on delivery)


Deliverybird is happy to bring to you our latest service known as "Cawna Shop". With Cawna Shop you will be able to access the local marketplace online by having our team at Deliverybird shop on your behalf.


How does it work?


Simply read (carefully) and fill out the shopping list form with your information and the items you want to order and that's it, your work is done. Our team will receive your order, source the items and then deliver the items to you on the following Saturday.


Note Briefly:

  • The delivery cost is only $1000 JMD 

  • This service is only available in Portmore 

  • You can submit your shopping list at any time but we only deliver on the following Saturday. 

  • If you submitted a shopping list and then decide to submit an additional item later we will combine the lists and deliver everything at once, no worries.

  • Please submit all orders before the delivery date, which would be the following Saturday.